Log into your account on Ataama, and click the Manage Site button, you’ll see a tab which says 'Email Forwarder' (should be the default tab that opens up once you click Manage Site).

Click the '+' button to add a new Email Forwarder.

This will allow you to set up an email forwarder that is specific to your domain name.

So, for example if you want all emails sent to myname@yourataamasite.com forwarded to myemail@gmail.com, you would just set up an EMAIL Forwarder for that by typing 'myname' in the first box, and then the email you want it forwarded to in the second box.

Please allow about 2 hours for newly created mailboxes to be completely set up on the forwarding mail server. After your settings have been activated, you will be able to test your mail service.

NOTE: Delivery of test emails sent from the same email address that is set as Forwarded to will most likely fail.  Thus, please use another email address when testing the email forwarding service.